Best dishwashers to wash your dishes

As you are soon going to move into your new house, the furniture starts to come in and even your kitchen has started to take shape. But, you have one more item to buy, and it is one purchase you dread facing: the dishwasher! Nowadays, there are so many models, so many styles and sizes

As you are soon going to move into your new house, the furniture starts to come in and even your kitchen has started to take shape.

But, you have one more item to buy, and it is one purchase you dread facing: the dishwasher!

Nowadays, there are so many models, so many styles and sizes that your poor head is spinning faced with all those choices.

But do not fear, with this buying guide, you will be able to choose the perfect dishwasher for your perfect house!

Before heading to the closest shop to buy a dishwasher, you have to answer a few important questions.

First of all, what are your needs? Do you have a family? Will there be only the two of you in the house?

Once you have defined your need, you’ll find that dishwashers come in different sizes to specifically accommodate different needs.

Moreover, technology seems to play a massive part in dishwashers today: read about brands and what features they propose to their customers, and then ask yourself whether those features will be of use to you or not.

The third question to ask yourself is about budget: define a strict budget before setting a foot in a store will help you stick to a price and not overspend on a dishwasher.

There are three main types of dishwashers out there at the moment: built-in, compact and drawer dishwashers.

The built-in dishwashers are the most common variety because of their spaciousness and two-rack layout which easily accommodate a family’s need.

Compact dishwashers are slimmer than the built-in variety: whilst the first ones are a mere 18-inches, the built-in ones usually measure 24-inch, for the basic size.

Most brands nowadays offer compact dishwasher in their product lines, so don’t hesitate to check the brands.

Drawer dishwashers are fairly new on the market and not every brand presents them yet.

As they are smaller than your average dishwasher, they will be useful for small households and allow for no waste of energy and water when running as it requires less energy than normal dishwashers.

Mostly presented as a single-drawer dishwasher, brands have recently come up with a two-drawer dishwasher that allow the same amount of washing as a compact dishwasher.

However, this latest innovation being new, it is rarely available.

The downside of a single-drawer dishwasher is that you will have to make modifications to fit it in your kitchen.

Once you have decided on budget and size of the dishwasher you would like to fit in your kitchen, you also have to think about the included settings.

The basic dishwashers have physical touches that allow you to run different programs at different temperatures, but almost all of the models present on the market now have new and improved efficient wash cycles.

Some promise to sanitize bacteria to a high level whilst others offer steam for prewashing rather than using water; and some even provide a feature to dry the dishes in the dishwasher!

Furthermore, dishwashers nowadays have sensors, physical or touch pad controls and smart features that allow them to be connected to your smartphone.

So, it is up to you and your type of use to choose the dishwasher that will best fit your need without being too much of an annoyance.

The Beko DSFN6830S dishwasher is a freestanding and standard dishwasher that allies quality and good selling price.

Beko is an excellent brand to rely on and dishwashers produced by them are no exception: 8 programmes, 6 temperature settings, has been awarded an A+ energy efficiency rating and, according to customers, very quiet to run.

Priced at £259, this is a really good dishwasher to invest into!

Another good dishwasher to buy, in the built-in category, is by Bosch: priced at £479, it comes with a lot of features, a sturdy built and an A+ energy efficiency rating.

Temperature can be set high in order to sterilize objects as bottles for toddlers and baby, an option for half load wash, and a child lock sure to keep curious little hands away from the big machine.

In the compact category, Indesit has introduced a very interesting dishwasher, the Indesit IDS105”.

Designed to fit in small spaces, it still can hold up to 10 place settings and has an A rating efficiency energy.

Deemed a bit noisier than the two dishwashers above, it is sold at £192 which is perfect for those on a budget.

As features come, this Indesit model possesses a feature that allows a 35 minutes rapid wash; a soak program for heavily soiled dishes (cheese and pasta are a nightmare to scrape, otherwise!) and even has a program that detect leaks and turns off the water!

Finally, we couldn’t finish this article without talking about the Hotpoint LST216A, sold at £228.

Designed with saving space in the engineer’s minds, it also comes with lots of features created to save you time.

Coming with a A rating for efficiency energy, this dishwasher is built to hold up to a 10 place settings, it also presents an adjustable racking which is very easy to use.

This dishwasher advertises 6 programs and 3 temperature settings and different wash programs depending on the food on the plates.

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